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Where it all begins.....

In 1971 Sona Ullah Chachoo decided to buy a small houseboat with two rooms to rent out to tourists. The houseboat was situated near the 2 room house where the family lives. Bussines went well and together with his wife Biba they decided to build 4 rooms attached to their house and so Hotel Chachoo Palace started…..Many Groups and tourists came to visit and revisited thanks the domestic character of the hotel which was very important for Sona and his wife. Some tourist almost became like family because they stayed for months. They were able to build 3 rooms more. Unfortunately in 1989 he got sick and died in 1990 leaving behind a wife, 4 daughters and 2 sons. 

The two sons decided to continue the legacy that their father left them. It went went well until the devastating flood in September 2014. In a few hours the water rise up till the first floor. After a few weeks when the water was gone the damage came in full view. Everything was gone…..But The brothers decided to go full force and started to rebuild the hotel. And the result is a hotel with now 10 rooms. Fresh modern rooms and facilities but still with the old charm as before. 

Sona Ullah Chachoo

Gulam Chahoo

Manzoor Chachoo

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